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This is the last video from the AYCC team (Mike Clay, Rohan Porteous and Sam Millar). They did a phenomenal job through the weeks in Copenhagen. I know for a fact that Rohan did not sleep for forty-eight hours before making this video and Mike and Sam were both sick. But good on them.

This is a very inspiring video and one that represents the real message of Copenhagen: A coming together of youth from around the world saying that we have to act now.



Climate conspiracist Lord Monckton gets pwned

In case the news from COP15 is getting you down, or if you’ve switched off it entirely, here is something to cheer you up.

This is Mike and Rowan’s mash-up of the footage they got from our interaction with one of the world’s most famous climate conspiracists last week, Viscount Christopher Monckton. If you are wondering about what I am saying it is “this guy is batty”.

Humour aside, there have been some important developments over the past days. AYCC now have clear targets which are the Land-use accounting rules and also Carbon-capture and storage (CCS) rules. It has hit the media in a big way in the last twenty-four hours and you should expect it to get bigger after mad monkey abbott got in on the action recently. I will do a longer post about these issues soon.

Today, I am helping prepare a number of actions in solidarity with the youth of the Pacific “Voices of the Pacific” and also in solidarity with the nations of the U.N. who are aiming for a fair, ambitious and binding treaty.

Wish me goodluck!


∞ The Psychology of Climate Change Denial

Finally, psychology is getting into the act. We need a lucid explanation of why people are so bad at understanding climate issues that effect their lives in clear and direct ways.


Video from AYCC on Abbott going bananas. Congrats Rowan and Mike as well as Sam!

"The Mad Monkey has gone bananas"



This is the flashdance that AYCC organised. Great work Joel and Tash!! They are amazing.


This is an action we did yesterday at COP15. I was not sure if it would be worth our time doing it, but we did get attention on the Reuters website, and also all over the world. It is extremely hard to track the media attention that we get.

For example, as I was walking away from the bed-in, I was interviewed twice for media in Brazil, one online and one broadsheet newspaper. Knowing whether they used it is hard to track for me. And even if they did, it does not effect our home climate political issues. In the end though it does raise the issue of climate around the world, which is the point of the action - we are all in bed together on climate issues.




AYCC on 7pm Project on Channel 10. I can’t watch it because I am not in Australia. Congrats to Anna though, from what I have heard it was funny.


Great video from AYCC. Well done Rowan and the Media team. This has been played a lot on Channel 10.



Dear Reader,

This video is very inspiring and representative of the concerns that young Australians are facing.

Just today, the Liberal Party split down the middle as they decided on their new leader and climate was a major issue. The leader who won, Tony Abbott MP, is the most conservative on climate issues. Before the spill he claimed that climate change was not happening. Now, he says that what he said then was “hyperbole”. Today, Abbott distanced himself from climate deniers and has said that the debate is about how we respond not whether we respond.

Young people feel let down by the Opposition and the Government. We want our leaders to stop playing politics with our future. They need to stop making Australia look like a mockery on the world stage.

Congratulations to AYCC and the Australian Youth Delegation on a great short clip on Channel 10 News.




Bradfield Tomorrow Test: Interview with Paul Fletcher

Who is Paul Fletcher?

Paul Fletcher is the Liberal Candidate for the Bradfield Federal By-Election that will fall on the 5 Dec, 2009 - two days before the start of COP15, making it the last national election anywhere in the world before Copenhagen.

Paul Fletcher formally worked as a senior executive with Optus and has been a Liberal party member since he was a law student at USYD in the 80’s.

Why is he worth blogging about?

Maybe he isn’t. However, Bradfield is one of the safest Liberal seats in the country. The former member was Dr. Nelson who became Opposition Leader after Howard’s defeat in 2007. When Fletcher wins, which is almost inevitable, he is likely to get a on the front bench. He is also likely to be an important part of the Liberals in the next decade.

What happened?

Marguerite and I organised with Paul to meet at the AYCC offices in the city. At 9:30, we got a call asking if we could come to Lindfield, the main campaign office. We caught the train there and arrived at 10:30. Promptly, Paul invited us around to a cafe next door, Bella Roma’s.

Paul did not want to be filmed or even have his voice recorded, so Marguerite and I kept notes frantically. He asked us about the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and about ourselves. He seemed genuinely interested in the issue and he said that he was reminded of what he was like as a law student in the 80’s, which was when he first became politically active.

Where does Paul Fletcher stand on climate issues?

Well, he is in the Liberal Party and he assured us he stands firmly with them.

With Party Leader Turnball and Senate Leader Minchin arguing openly about climate issues, where do the Libs stand?

Let’s get more specific.

  • On emissions, Paul is aligned with the Government stance of 5% reduction on 2000 levels by 2020. If there is a strong response at COP15, then maybe 15%. If the response is very robust, then 25%. We need 25-40% on 1990 levels.
  • On parts per million, Paul is aiming for 450pm. Chief Scientist at U.N. is says we need 350ppm.
  • On renewables, he said that the current target of 20% by 2020 is appropriately ambitious but it should not be any higher. Fossil fuel industries get more the 25 times the financial support that renewables get. Surely paying billions in government subsidies for businesses that make billions in profit is not a politically sensible decision. WTF?

By this stage, I was starting to feel physically ill. Margeurite and I had talked about what we expected him to say and he was matching it word for word. Looking at him, it seemed to me that he was saying what he thought he needed to in order to win the by-election. Whether or not he believed it, i don’t know.

While I took a sip of flat white, Marguerite continued asking questions.

  • On international financing, he said “wait and see” till after COP15 and after commitments are made by the world’s biggest nations. He said that some of the bigger developing nations should be pay also. This is the biggest stalling issue at COP15. He is saying we won’t commit any money until others commit. Effectively, this is the situation all around the world and that is why there is no movement.
  • On fossil fuel subsidies, he said he does not support the removal of subsidies. The subsidies given to fossil fuels in Australia is between $10-11b annually. WTF.
  • On public transport, Paul said that Bradfield has fine public transport and that it does not need to be improved. It is fine because no-one uses it. Most people drive. If emissions were costed appropriately, driving would not be a reasonable option. When the price goes up, there are going to be significant issues, especially in the new developments in St Ives.

Interviewing Paul reminded me of his Liberal colleague who is supporting my trip to COP15. When I sat with Brendan Nelson MP, he said that he remembered speaking in a town hall where he had to pushing the party line on an issue he wasn’t sure about. A guy in the crowd stood up and said made strong arguments against the party position. Brendan said he remembered thinking “that is exactly right”.

When I looked at Paul Fletcher, I thought it may well be the same deal. Here is a guy who wants to make a difference in Australia and sees climate change as a major issue of the next decades. He is aware that many conservatives are conservative about climate change (he commented on Lord Monckton a few times), and is playing up to them. In my short life one thing i’ve learnt though is the more you say something, the more you believe it.

Bottom line for Paul is that he said “a great challenge of climate change is about the complexity of the issue. The ETS has been poorly explained.” A bottom line for me is that he said, “the climate science is very robust.”

I won’t vote for him, but I appreciate that he sat with us.




Tomorrow Test interview with Bradfield By-Election Candidate Susie Gemmell (Greens)


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